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VIDEO: DeSantis Drops Bombshell On Trump


This is insane!

Just when the 2024 presidential race couldn’t get any crazier, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis dropped a bombshell on Newsmax and said that he has no interest in being Trump’s 2024 Vice President!

There has been speculation about DeSantis running in 2024 however it’s shockingly bold to see him reject a potential offer to be Trump’s Vice President.

According to Newsmax, during an interview with Eric Bolling, DeSantis was asked about his interest in becoming Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee. However, DeSantis did not seem enthusiastic about the proposition and stated “I think I’m probably more of an executive guy.”

DeSantis then doubled down and said, “I think that you want to be able to do things. That’s part of the reason I got into this job is because we have action.”

Former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka lashed out at DeSantis for saying that he has no interest in being Trump’s VP and said, “And now he shows us how big his ego is with you and says, “Oh, VP? No, no no. I’m an executive.’ I guess being the second in line to the presidency, it’s just not good enough for Ron.”

It’s insane to see that DeSantis is thinking so far into the future that he is openly telling reporters that he has absolutely no interest in being Trump’s Vice President. It’s important to remember that DeSantis has not even officially announced his 2024 run. While DeSantis may not have officially announced his run, it looks more obvious than ever before that he’s in the 2024 race.