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Biden Confesses He Lied

Can we impeach him yet?

From the moments Democrats dragged elderly Joe Biden out of his basement and forced him to run for the presidency, he has promised one thing to the American people, to end the pandemic. He lied to us and told us that Trump was mishandling the pandemic and that he knew how to defeat it.

Biden promised a number of times that would stop covid-19.

Here’s proof:

Clear as day, President Biden wrote, “I’m going to shut down the virus.”

So now, it’s only fair that Americans are enraged with him after he openly admitted defeat to the pandemic and said nothing can be done!

Look, there is no federal solution to Covid. This gets solved at a state level,” President Biden shockingly said. So was he lying to us? The answer is yes! President Biden, Democrats, and Dr. Fauci vowed to stop the pandemic but it was all just a ploy to get Trump out.