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Biden’s Shocking New Low

America is sick of Biden.

Shocking new polling data has just revealed that President Biden sits at an astoundingly new low with just a 36% approval rating.

What’s even worse is that the polling information collected by Civiqs also found that a majority of America, 55% to be specific, also disapprove of Biden.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it appears that young Americans aged from 18 to 34 have almost completely abandoned him. Only 28% of Americans aged 18-34 approved of President Biden.

Furthermore, when it came to race only 29% of white Americans approved of President Biden.

Surprisingly, President Biden is winning with Hispanics and Latinos but only by a little with a 48 percent approval to 41 percent disapproval rating.

President Biden is doing better when it came to his approval rating among woman than men.