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Democrat City Goes Completely BROKE

Democrat City Goes Completely BROKE


This is what happens when you listen to Biden!

Currently, Major cities in California, Chicago, New York, and others are overrun with homelessness and crime and things continue to get even worse. This is primarily thanks to President Biden and Democrat leaders who continue ignore the severity of these problems.

Now, a video has just gone viral of a woman who works for the city of Chicago, which is run by Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot. In the video the woman is trying to deposit a check issued to her by the city of Chicago and sadly there isn’t any funds in the city’s account to cash the check!

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot actually sent out checks to government workers that bounced!


The woman can be heard asking the bank teller, “So you’re saying the city of Chicago has no funds in its account?”

The teller replies, “At this time, in this account no.”

Sadly, this is a pretty good representation of Biden’s presidency.


This country is a mess under President Biden.