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House Republicans Turn On Trump


Who would have expected this?

In a surprising turn of events, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy received a standing ovation during a House GOP conference meeting after he discussed the leaked audio call between him and Republican Traitor Liz Cheney.

According to The Hill, the standing ovation Kevin McCarthy received from his colleagues shows that his chances at being the next House Speaker have not been hurt by his betrayal of Trump.

When asked about the leaked phone call, McCarthy said he and other Republican leaders were simply weighing different scenarios.


“He just said that we were going to lay out different things of what could be,” said Rep. Robert Aderholt explained. “At this point, you know, I take his word for it.” 

“This is a distraction, folks. Come on. This is simply a distraction by the left trying to drive a wedge in a very unified Republican Party and a very unified conference,” Rep. Barry Loudermilk explained.

It appears that a majority of House Republicans have decided to stand with both former President Donald Trump and Republican Kevin McCarthy and let this controversy die completely.