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Biden In Hiding


Biden can’t keep getting away with this.

House Republicans, who are conducting an inquiry into President Biden and his family’s business dealings, have expressed criticism over the president’s choice of Delaware as the location for his 2024 re-election campaign headquarters. They are demanding that he release visitor logs from his residences in the state.

According to Fox, President Biden announced that his campaign headquarters will be situated in Wilmington, Delaware, stating that there is “no better place” to “fight to finish the job for the American people.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, his 2020 campaign was mostly run from his Wilmington home after being headquartered in Philadelphia.

Oversight Committee Republicans argue that the Delaware location provides Biden with a shield, given the controversy surrounding his frequent trips to the state, which have reportedly cost taxpayers millions. An Associated Press analysis revealed that the president spent over a quarter of his first two years in office in Delaware.

Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida stated that it is unsurprising that Delaware was chosen as the campaign headquarters and suggested that Biden’s infamous basement might be used strategically during the 2024 campaign. He criticized Biden for not fulfilling his promise of transparency and called for the release of visitor logs from both of his Delaware homes.


Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas echoed the call for transparency, expressing doubt that the visitor logs would be made public, considering Biden’s previous unfulfilled commitments. The Republican committee members emphasized the importance of obtaining and releasing visitor logs from Biden’s residences in Wilmington and Rehoboth, given the campaign headquarters’ location.

The issue of visitor logs was raised earlier when the White House Counsel’s Office claimed that such logs do not exist for Biden’s Wilmington home after classified documents were found there. The Republicans are skeptical of this claim and believe that the White House is not being transparent about the president’s visitors.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida brought up the recent incident involving cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House, urging for a thorough investigation and the release of visitor logs from all of Biden’s residences.

The matter of visitor logs has been a point of contention, with the Biden administration partially restoring the practice of making White House visitor logs public, but some entries are missing important information, including visits from Hunter Biden and other family members.

In summary, House Republicans are critical of President Biden’s choice of Delaware as his campaign headquarters and are calling for greater transparency by demanding the release of visitor logs from his residences in the state. They believe that this move raises concerns about accountability and access to important information about the president’s visitors.