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DeSantis Blames Trump For Jan 6

What is DeSantis thinking?

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis responded to the news of the Justice Department’s investigation into former President Trump’s actions on January 6. DeSantis expressed that Trump should have been more assertive during that day’s events, but he stopped short of implying any criminal behavior on Trump’s part.

According to The Hill, During a press conference in Columbia, S.C., on Tuesday, DeSantis remarked, “It was evident that while he was in the White House, he didn’t take decisive action when things were unfolding. He should have been more forceful in his response.”

While admitting that he hadn’t thoroughly reviewed the news yet, DeSantis criticized the weaponization of institutions such as the Justice Department. He cautioned against attempts to criminalize Trump’s actions on January 6, emphasizing the importance of avoiding a constant cycle of one party trying to imprison the other.

Trump himself confirmed on Tuesday that he had been informed of being a target in the Justice Department’s January 6 investigation, which primarily focuses on his efforts to contest the election results after his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump pointed out that receiving a target letter might lead to imminent charges, expressing concern about the prosecutor’s actions in this regard.

Already facing legal challenges earlier in the year, Trump dealt with charges related to an alleged hush money scheme in Manhattan in April, as well as federal charges regarding his handling of classified documents upon leaving office, to which he pleaded not guilty in June.

Despite these legal troubles, Trump maintained a significant lead in the GOP presidential primary field’s polls and continued to raise substantial funds through fundraising efforts. In contrast, DeSantis remained in second place in the polls, trailing behind Trump.