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Biden Blames Who For Document Scandal?


What a joke!

It appears now that officials from both Biden’s vice presidency and presidency are now stepping forward and claiming that the top secret classified documents which were found in Biden’s possession was not his fault but the fault of the National Archives!

According to Breitbart, they are now foolishly blaming that the National Archives for mishandled President Biden’s classified documents situation.

In a new CNN report, it is being alleged that the National Archives failed to treat then-Vice President Biden’s records with the “same high regard” as they did with former President Barack Obama.


“While the National Archives sends staff members to the White House to gather files and papers of the President, they do not treat all vice presidential papers with the same high regard, officials said,” according to CNN.

This is a complete joke and appears to be an attempt to save President Biden from facing the consequences of crimes he has committed.

What’s even more suspicious about all of this is that the new report that they published fails to even discuss how these classified documents ended up in two other nonsecure locations such as Biden’s office and garage.

Additionally, it appears that President Biden’s son actually owned the home and garage where the classified documents were found in 2018 according to New York Post’s Miranda Devine. It is unclear who was around these classified documents and who has looked through them.