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VIDEO: Biden’s Luxury Vacation Ruined


Oh no! Biden couldn’t enjoy his luxury Thanksgiving weekend because the world is burning.

President Biden sought refuge in the ultra-opulent Nantucket, his usual escape from the rigors of leading the nation. Despite this retreat, pro-Palestinian demonstrators managed to catch him, serving as a constant reminder of the challenges he faces.

Encountering Biden twice on Friday—first after a family lunch and later at a tree-lighting ceremony—the protesters voiced familiar slogans such as “Free Palestine” and “Biden, Biden, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide!”

Although it’s unclear if the president heard them, he remained focused on interacting with a children’s choir performing at the tree lighting. Local officials attempted to dissuade the protesters, emphasizing the apolitical nature of the event.

Biden’s unwavering support for Israel has caused division within his party, especially concerning the conflict in Gaza. As younger voters and party members express solidarity with the Palestinian cause, Biden’s approval ratings have suffered. Notably, a recent poll indicated that former President Trump now surpasses Biden in a hypothetical general match-up.

Amid these challenges, Biden delayed his post-Thanksgiving relaxation to attend briefings on national security. These discussions included updates on Hamas releasing hostages as part of a ceasefire agreement with Israel.

Afterward, Biden enjoyed a customary lunch with his family, engaged in local activities, and attended the tree lighting. Notably, he visited the Brotherhood of Thieves bar and grill for a meal, expressing his tradition of stopping by Nantucket Books, where he purchased a copy of “Democracy Awakening” by historian Heather Cox Richardson.

Before the tree lighting, the Bidens made a stop at the Jeweler’s Gallery, where well-wishers greeted the president for his birthday and took photos with the first family.

The Bidens, staying at billionaire David Rubenstein’s residence, have made this a tradition since 2021. Rubenstein’s lavish coastal property, valued at over $34 million, boasts several guest houses, a tennis court, a hot tub, and a pool. The island was prepared for the presidential visit with heightened security measures, including an increased presence of Massachusetts State Police Troopers.