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Biden And Democrats Scared Of Who?


This is surprising.

President Biden has vowed that he will run for re-election in 2024 and has even gone as far as saying that he is the only man that can defeat Trump in the next presidential election.

But now it appears that some Democratic strategist are more worried about Biden facing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and are telling Biden to start targeting him as well because he has a very strong chance at defeating him.

According to The Hill, Democrats believe that Trump has a mountain of legal battles to climb before he sets his sights on the presidency again. Unlike Trump, DeSantis is free of legal woes and can easily step in for Trump and give Biden a run for his money.

One Democratic strategist even went as far as saying, “To me, DeSantis is the scarier prospect. He’s a smarter version of Trump, he’s way more strategic, and he doesn’t have a hundred lawsuits at his feet.“


“If Trump goes bust, and he very well may, he’s the main guy I’d be watching,” the strategist explained.

So far DeSantis has run circles around Biden. He has called Biden out countless times and proven himself to be correct on a number of key issues which has made liberals very angry at him.

DeSantis even mocked Biden over his COVID-19 diagnosis and his criticism caused uproar. “We just saw Joe Biden test positive for COVID, right? And I’ve said we obviously wish him well on that, but you know, this is a guy that’s taken how many booster shots? I mean, seriously, [he’s] done all this stuff and gets it,” DeSantis said.

Democrat strategists are now calling on Biden and other leaders to try and make DeSantis lose his re-election for Florida governor. “What’s inexplicable to me is, why — not just Joe Biden — but the entire Democratic establishment isn’t trying to disqualify him now in the governor’s race,” one strategist explained.

“He’s getting an absolute free pass,” the angry Democrat said about DeSantis. “He has no sense of shame. … He’s acting like someone who doesn’t feel accountable to anyone.”