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BREAKING: Biden’s DOJ Removes Trump’s Freedom Of Speech

This is downright un-American!

On Monday, a judge issued a narrow gag order against former President Donald J. Trump, which prohibits him from publicly condemning witnesses, prosecutors, or court personnel involved in his federal criminal case. He is facing charges related to an alleged conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. The judge, Tanya S. Chutkan, emphasized that Trump’s freedom of speech does not extend to launching a pre-trial smear campaign against these individuals, as such behavior is not permitted for any defendant.

According to the NY Times however the order does not restrict Trump from criticizing the Justice Department, President Biden, or claiming that his prosecution is politically motivated. Judge Chutkan also allowed him to express his views regarding former Vice President Mike Pence, provided it doesn’t relate to Pence’s role in the case’s central events.

The enforcement of this gag order was not immediately addressed, with Judge Chutkan stating that consequences for Trump’s violations would be assessed when and if they occur. The order was established during a contentious two-hour hearing in Federal District Court in Washington, which marked one of the most heated public proceedings in Trump’s various criminal cases.

Although gag orders limiting what trial participants can say outside the courtroom are common, the unique circumstances surrounding Trump’s status as the Republican presidential front-runner and his portrayal of the order as a means to suppress a political rival complicated this request by prosecutors.

Judge Chutkan, in issuing a nuanced and limited order, aimed to strike a balance between Trump’s political speech rights as a presidential candidate and her duty to maintain the case’s integrity. Trump and his legal team are likely to challenge the order, arguing that it infringes upon his First Amendment rights. They have two potential avenues for this challenge: immediate appeal, claiming it violates his free speech rights in the abstract, or appealing any punishments imposed if he violates the order in the future.

During the hearing, Trump’s legal team and prosecutors presented contrasting views of the election interference case, with Trump’s lawyers framing it as a political vendetta by President Biden. However, Judge Chutkan viewed the case and Trump’s position as she would any other proceeding, emphasizing that politics should not play a role in her courtroom.

The hearing featured contentious exchanges between Judge Chutkan and John F. Lauro, a lawyer representing Trump, with the judge seeking to protect witnesses and prosecutors from threats and harassment while preventing Trump’s inflammatory remarks from potentially inciting violence. Some of Trump’s past statements have had real-world consequences, which is why prosecutors sought to block certain comments.

It’s worth noting that Trump had already been subjected to a limited gag order earlier in New York, restricting him from speaking about individuals on the judge’s staff in his civil trial. The order considered by Judge Chutkan may have a broader scope.