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Trump Traitor Wins


Could it be true?

A new poll conducted by Fox News, has found that Republican Governor and Trump-traitor Brian Kemp is leading by 32 points against Trump-endorsed former Senator David Perdue in the upcoming May 24th gubernatorial primary.

According to Newsmax, 60% of Republican voters in the state of Georgia still back Kemp and only 28% of Republican voters back Perdue. Another 7% of voters currently back other Republican candidates.


What’s interesting is in March Kemp was only leading Perdue by 11 points with 50% saying they supported Kemp and 39% saying they backed Perdue.

Things have played out nicely for Kemp ever since former Vice President Mike Pence gave Kemp his endorsement along with a number of top right-leaning groups such as the NRA and others.

Governor Kemp has stood firm on a number of pro-Republican talking points and has passed a number of laws the favors the GOP. Georgia’s upcoming gubernatorial candidate race will gain the attention of eyes nationally to see if Kemp can successfully fend off Trump and his nearly flawless victories.