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Chances Of World War III Growing


This is terrifying.

On Tuesday (February 21), President Joe Biden demanded Russian President Vladimir Putin “end the war” with Ukraine, warning that the U.S. and allied nations would impose new sanctions.

Biden made the demand in Warsaw, Poland, a day after a surprise visit to Ukraine and nearly a year after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Noting that the first anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war was approaching, Biden recalled that a year ago “, the world was bracing for the fall of Kyiv.”

The President then explained that as he had just returned from Kyiv, he could report that Ukraine’s Capital “stands strong… proud… tall. And most importantly, Kyiv stands free.”


Biden also explained that since the war began, NATO had become “more united and more unified than ever before.”

The President explained that the Russian President had been “confronted with something today that he didn’t think was possible a year ago,” democracies becoming “stronger, not weaker,” adding that it was “the autocrats around the world have grown weaker, not stronger.”

Biden added that as the war has continued for a year, “Putin no longer doubts the strength of [NATO’s] coalition,” but that the Russian President now doubted the coalition’s “conviction… staying power [and]… continued support for Ukraine.”

Biden insisted that NATO’s “support for Ukraine will not waiver,” nor will the coalition be divided or tire.

Recounting remarks Putin made earlier on Tuesday, Biden insisted the U.S. and Europe “do not seek to control or destroy Russia,” adding that the West isn’t plotting to attack the Kremlin, as it was Russia who “chose this war,” which he described as a ‘tragedy.”