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Cheney Caught Taking Money From Who?


No wonder she is still in the race.

Republican Traitor Liz Cheney is one of top Republicans in Congress that needs to be thrown out of the GOP. She has been a thorn in the foot of former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in general.

Americans were shocked to learn that even with very little Republican support, Cheney has been able to rake in millions of dollars in campaign donations which gives her a fighting chance to stay in the GOP and continue to hurt the Republicans.

Now, it has been revealed where Cheney is getting her support from and it’s NOT from the Republicans in her home state of Wyoming.


According to data compiled by Open Secrets, it has been revealed the most of not all of Cheney’s re-election support comes from liberals in other states who are sending her money to fight destroy the GOP.

Open Secrets found that donors from Texas dished out an astounding $556,430 to Cheney’s campaign. California was the second highest state giving her $541,880.

Here is where she got the rest of her money:

  • Virginia – $466.100.
  • Florida – $450,370
  • New York – $215,600