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Media Confronts Biden

Surprised reporters even asked him this!

President Biden recently delivered a speech to Americans about the Omicron variant which is rapidly spreading across the United States.

During his lengthy address, Biden explained how his administration is planning to distribute around 500 million COVID-19 tests while there is currently several shortages across America.

People were shocked when CNN’s Phil Mattingly asked if Biden would consider this a “failure” on Biden’s part.

In transcript provided by Fox, Mattingly asked, “On testing, you said we have to do better, but public health officials have been saying for months you need to surge rapid tests for just this moment. Is it a failure that you don’t have an adequate amount of tests for everyone to be able to get one, if they need one, right now?

Biden defended his poor leadership skills and replied, “No it’s not. Because COVID is spreading so rapidly if you notice. It just happened almost overnight just in the last month. And so, it’s not a failure, but an alarm bell went off. I don’t think anybody anticipated that this was going to be as rapidly spreading as it did. And so the question is, we had a lot of people who had access to tests who can order them, could have their insurance pay for it, etc.”

Biden then said, “all of a sudden, it was like everybody rushed to the counter. There was a big, big rush, and I knew that was coming. So what I tried to do was meet with the companies and use the Defense Production Act to get a half a billion more tests and figure out how to get them to their homes, get them on the shelves in the stores. That’s what it’s all about.”

People on social media immediately called out Biden and said that him claiming it happening “just overnight” was completely absurb.