Should Pelosi And Biden Be Allowed To Pack The Supreme Court?

BREAKING: Biden Endangers American Lives

President Biden and his administration left the world speechless after he decided to “cut off” Republican states such as Florida and Texas by sending only about half the monoclonal antibody treatments they need to treat Americans who are on the verge of death with COVID-19 infections.

After cutting off people who are on the verge of death due to COVID in these red states, Biden took to twitter and said he will not back down!

Can you believe that? Biden is literally letting Americans die just to prove of point to Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott!

Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki then was cornered by reporters and asked how Biden is able to get away with this and blatantly claimed that those reports were “not accurate.”

Governor DeSantis didn’t back down. He immediately fired back at President Biden and his administration.


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