Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Former RNC Chair BETRAYS Republicans

This is unacceptable.

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele attacked Republicans stating that they need to be unelected for supporting former President Donald Trump. He added that many Republicans are “perpetuating” lies to help Trump.

Steele said, “We just need to stop talking about these people as if this is somehow commonplace, normal, to even have that debate. No, we’re not going to debate do we overthrow the government today, or do we go get coffee? No, we’re not having that debate. So let’s call out what Trump and his ilk are doing and continuing to stoke.”

He continued, “What we’ve seen in the internal sanction is that our leadership inside the GOP  right now is more inclined to sanction those who stand for truth, like Kinzinger and Cheney, than those who are perpetuating the lie.”

He added, “The external sanction is what we, the voters do, what we, the people do. You unelect these bastards! That’s what you do. You don’t give them another shot, another bite at the apple, another strike at the gold ring of Congress.”


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