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DeSantis Backstabs Trump


Here’s what happened…

The next big election in the United States is the 2024 presidential election and as you know a number of top Republicans will duke it out to win the GOP nomination to run against President Biden.

As a result, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, who are at the top of the ticket, will have to compete to win over support from the American people.

According to Benzinga, it has now been alleged by a former staffer that DeSantis referred to Trump as “a moron who has no business running for president.”


While neither DeSantis nor Trump have seen each other in person since summer the insults still begin to seem ramping up ahead of the 2024 race.

One Republican source also told the Vanity Fair that DeSantis believes to have figured out a way to defeat Trump. The source claimed that DeSantis said, “The only way to beat Trump is to attack him head-on. He says he would turn to Trump during a debate and say, ‘Why didn’t you fire Fauci? You said you would build the wall, but there is no wall. Why is that?’”

Trump on the other hand has said DeSantis is “overrated, disloyal, and a know-nothing.”

It’s not surprising that DeSantis and Trump and feuding ahead of the 2024 presidential election, this was expected to happen. A lot of Republicans are waiting to see how it pans out however one thing is certain: DeSantis and Trump are at the top of the ticket for a lot of Republican voters.