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Biden’s Midterms Hope Demolished


Biden and the Democrats are doomed!

President Biden, the White House and congressional Democrats are in a full blown panic right now because gas prices are now expected to skyrocket.

As you may already know, in July President Biden travelled to Saudi Arabia to beg Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to produce more oil to lower gas prices.

President Biden and the Democrats have decreased oil production here in the United States and have depended heavily on OPEC+ to meet our oil demands.

Now, President Biden has been devastated after OPEC+ has decided to CUT oil production by 2 million barrels a day and it will raise gas prices not just here in the United States but globally as well.


According to Fox Business, this decision by OPEC+ to cut 2 million barrels per day is the largest cut in oil production since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now gas prices are expected to rise just before the midterms and Democrats know they are in very serious trouble. The current national average gas price in the United States is $3.80 per gallon and now there is no telling how high the prices may go.

Biden’s White House says this move by OPEC+ to cut oil production is a “total disaster” and we’re all about to feel the pain at the pump and Democrats will feel the pain in the voting booths this November.

If President Biden wants to control oil prices and save the midterms for Democrats he will have to throw out his clean energy agenda and pump out more oil here in the U.S., but will he? There is no telling.