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Trump’s Threat To Biden


Trump isn’t playing anymore games.

In celebration of Independence Day, former President Donald Trump expressed his strong disapproval of Democratic efforts to erase our historical figures, prosecute political opponents, undermine the Constitution, and protect a supposedly corrupt President Joe Biden.

Speaking at a rally in Pickens, South Carolina, broadcasted live on Newsmax, Trump stated, “I’ve changed my approach in dealing with him. I’ve always respected the office, but when they falsely accused me, I decided to fight back.” Trump emphasized that he now feels compelled to speak the truth, calling Biden a criminal and dubbing him “Crooked Joe,” a label previously associated with Hillary Clinton, who he now refers to as “beautiful Hillary.”

Trump focused extensively on allegations of corruption surrounding Biden and the misuse of the justice system for political purposes. He accused Biden and his supporters of engaging in election interference, which he characterized as a form of cheating, although he acknowledged that it has been practiced before.


During his speech, Trump also extended his wishes for a joyful Independence Day to the crowd, stressing the importance of reclaiming the essence of independence. He has frequently used his July Fourth speeches to condemn attempts by the left to tarnish American history and vilify past leaders.

Trump further asserted his determination to remove Biden from the White House and restore the country to its former greatness. He blamed his initial impeachment and subsequent legal troubles on the Democrats’ desire to suppress his political opposition. Trump labeled it the start of Biden’s weaponization of justice. According to Trump, this “nest of people” needs to be exposed and dealt with promptly.

Despite facing adversity, Trump cautioned that Biden is currently orchestrating an “election interference” campaign to maintain power. Trump referred to those in government as “scoundrels and thugs” who are corrupt, just like the president himself. He claimed that their actions have backfired, citing rising poll numbers for himself and the likelihood of people abandoning Biden.

In conclusion, Trump’s speech on Independence Day weekend encompassed a range of topics, from defending American legends to attacking Biden’s alleged corruption and the weaponization of justice. He vowed to bring the country back to greatness and accused Biden of attempting to interfere in elections to his advantage.