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MAGA Puts Traitor Republican In His Place

Yikes! Nobody saw this coming.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, faced a hostile reception from his own state’s crowd during a speech he delivered at a Trump rally in Pickens on Saturday.

According to Newsweek, Graham was among the guest speakers invited to address the audience during former President Donald Trump’s campaign event in South Carolina. Numerous videos circulated on Twitter, capturing the sound of boos erupting from the crowd of Trump supporters when Graham was called up on stage. Despite the booing, Graham waved to the crowd and expressed gratitude by saying, “thank you all for coming.”

Rogan O’Handley, a social media personality also known as DC_Darino, shared a video of the incident on Twitter, describing the crowd’s reaction as “viciously booing” Graham. O’Handley suggested that the primary reason for the negative response was Graham’s support for the War in Ukraine, stating, “We’re done with NeoCon Warmongers.”

The exact reasons behind the crowd’s booing of Graham remain unclear. However, it is worth noting that Graham had defied some pushback within the GOP against providing aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. The United States, along with other NATO countries, has continued to offer humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine, including tanks, artillery, and advanced defense equipment. Opponents of this aid, such as Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia and Andy Biggs from Arizona, have called for an end to funding Ukraine.

During his speech at the rally, Graham expressed his intention to support Trump’s presidential campaign in 2024. However, the Trump supporters in attendance continued to boo him. Political commentator Ron Filipkowski shared a video on Twitter, reporting that Graham was introduced at the rally and met with chants of “Traitor!” from the crowd.

Filipkowski further noted that Graham ended his speech prematurely and left the stage amid a chorus of boos and heckling from the audience. Correspondent Vaughn Hillyard from NBC News reported that Graham faced relentless booing during the event, lasting for six minutes and counting. At one point, a man shouted, “We like Trump!” to which another person responded, “But not you!”

Meanwhile, Trump himself attended the South Carolina rally while facing mounting legal challenges. He is under investigation by the Department of Justice for his alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot and the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, for which he was indicted the previous month. Trump is the first former president in American history to face federal charges and has pleaded not guilty in the classified documents case, while the investigation into the Capitol riot is still ongoing.