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VIDEO: Biden Fights With First Lady


Joe Biden needs to grow up.

President Joe Biden has a preference for a diet that lacks sufficient vegetables, which has resulted in frequent fights with First Lady Jill Biden. As the First Lady prioritizes his health in preparation for a possible 2024 presidential campaign, she is keen on encouraging him to adopt healthier eating habits.

As reported by Axios on Monday, White House aides have described President Biden’s diet as that of a child’s, despite his recent 80th birthday. The article explains that the conflict over the president’s eating habits is only one example of the various measures being taken by his close aides and First Lady to maintain his health, as he gears up for what is expected to be a challenging campaign season.

According to both current and former aides of the president, his preferred food items consist of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, BLTs, pizza, cookies, spaghetti with butter and red sauce, and ice cream, which he occasionally transforms into a complete sundae.

While he does not consume alcohol, President Biden has been known to treat himself to orange Gatorade on occasion.

The First Lady has been encouraging the President to consume more leafy greens and fish, a suggestion that he reportedly finds disagreeable.

The topic of President Biden’s capability to serve another term as the commander in chief has been a topic of public discussion for several months. While the discourse has mainly centered around his age and mental acuity, some insiders within the GOP are now suggesting that his diet is a reflection of his preparedness to once again take on the demanding role of leading the country.

“If Biden wants to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all day, he should consider retirement, not the campaign trail,” one Republican explained.

Watch Biden obsess over ice cream: