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McConnell Out Of Senate?


Here’s what happened…

Sadly, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has been re-elected as the Republican leader defeating his GOP challenger Sen. Rick Scott.

According to Newsmax, during a private vote held in the Capitol’s Old Senate Chamber, Republicans held a number of conversations following a less than spectacular midterm performance.

It was reported that McConnell was easily able fend off Rick Scott in the first ever attempt to replace him as the leader in many years.


Former President Donald Trump and number of other top Republicans such as Lindsey Graham have called on McConnell’s replacement. McConnell even came under fire for not funding key election races as well as he should have like Republican candidate Blake Masters who ended up losing.

McConnell grew displeased with Donald Trump after he endorsed a number of candidates and decided to get revenge on him by not giving the proper support to his GOP candidates as required.

Republicans initially attempted to delay the leadership vote until after the December 6th runoff election in Georgia between Republican Herschel Walker and Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock but that didn’t happen.