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Jill Biden Embarrasses Herself On Live Air


This is hilarious!

In an attempt to increase support for President Biden, CNN decided to hold a primetime special with First Lady Jill Biden and their viewership TANKED! CNN is already struggling to maintain their viewership and this only made things worse.

According to Fox, CNN has been facing low ratings and has been unable to secure a permanent host for the 9 p.m. ET slot since Chris Cuomo’s dismissal in late 2021. Despite attempts by Jake Tapper and other hosts to garner viewership during this crucial prime time hour, it has been challenging for the network. Even the first lady has faced difficulties in attracting a sizeable audience.

During the “CNN Primetime” special, named “Jill Biden Abroad,” an interview was conducted with CNN’s White House correspondent, Arlette Saenz. However, this segment saw a considerable decrease in viewership, with a drop of 43% compared to CNN’s average 9 p.m. ET viewership in 2023.


The Jill Biden special garnered only 368,000 total viewers, which was a significant contrast to the viewership of Fox News’ “Hannity” and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” both of which aired at the same time slot and had 2.7 million and 2.3 million total viewers, respectively. This episode was CNN’s worst performance on a weekday at 9 p.m. since June 17, 2022, with the exception of holidays such as Christmas and more.

Americans would much rather prefer to watch Sean Hannity and even far-left Rachel Maddow who are on every night already over the First Lady of the United States of America who rarely makes T.V. appearances anyways. That’s downright hilarious!

CNN’s viewership is in the gutter. Random people on YouTube get more viewership than most of CNN combined. Maybe CNN should delete their channel and just start spewing their garbage on YouTube instead, they may get more viewers.