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Trump Embarrasses Biden


Trump isn’t holding back whatsoever and it’s exactly what America needs!

Addressing a gathering at his Durham, New Hampshire campaign rally, former President Donald Trump hit Democrats like never before and criticized President Joe Biden’s leadership, characterizing it as a descent into chaos for the United States. Trump asserted the significant impact a president can have on the country, emphasizing the perceived shortcomings of Biden.

In his impassioned speech, Trump did not mince words, describing Biden as a person with low intelligence and deeming him the worst, most incompetent, and corrupt president in the history of the United States. He underscored the urgency of the upcoming election, portraying it as a crucial opportunity to rescue the nation from what he depicted as the dire state it had fallen into under Biden’s administration.


Trump acknowledged the enthusiastic support behind his campaign, especially in New Hampshire, a state that traditionally plays a pivotal role in the primary elections. He claimed credit for keeping New Hampshire at the forefront during his term and contrasted it with Biden’s alleged negligence.

Looking ahead to the New Hampshire primary, Trump expressed confidence in securing a victory and vowed to continue the momentum through the November elections. He promised to restore the country to greatness and lamented what he perceived as the destruction caused by the current administration.

Trump concluded his speech by issuing a warning about perceived weaknesses and submission under the Biden administration, particularly in relation to international conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza. He projected a vision of a resurgent America, declaring that by January 2025, the era of American weakness and submission would come to an end under his leadership.