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Obama Confesses, Democrats Doomed


Obama knows it’s over.

President Joe Biden faces a challenging year with an official impeachment inquiry and potential charges against his son, Hunter, for defying a House GOP subpoena. The situation has raised concerns for former President Barack Obama, who reportedly believes that Democrats could potentially lose the 2024 election. The source close to Obama emphasized the perceived closeness of the upcoming race, expressing worries about the potential consequences for democracy.

Former President Donald Trump, during a recent rally in Durham, New Hampshire, seized the opportunity to label Joe Biden as a “threat to democracy.” Trump highlighted comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who characterized the political persecution of Biden’s political rival as beneficial for Russia, undermining the credibility of the American political system. Trump criticized Biden as the “worst, most incompetent, and most corrupt president” in U.S. history, emphasizing the need for voters to bring about change.


Even within the Democratic Party, there is acknowledgment of the challenges ahead for Biden. Representative Henry Cuellar from Texas expressed a desire for the president to perform better, emphasizing the impact on everyone. Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg urged the Biden campaign to exhibit greater urgency, recognizing the swift approach of the general election.

As the political discourse intensifies, Trump continues to mock liberals and Biden, questioning their understanding of the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) slogan. Trump suggests in jest that they might be misinterpreting the goal of making America great. The 2024 election looms as a critical juncture, with both Democrats and Republicans gearing up for what is anticipated to be a closely contested race.