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BREAKING: Biden’s Motorcade Crashes

Here’s what happened…

President Biden and the first lady Jill Biden emerged unharmed from an incident on Sunday night when a car collided with an SUV within the confines of the president’s motorcade, stationed in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.

Earlier that evening, the presidential couple had attended a reception for campaign staff at Wilmington, the headquarters of Biden’s campaign. Exiting the event around 8 p.m., President Biden paused to address a question regarding his standing against former President Trump in the polls, suggesting that reporters were focusing on “the wrong polls.” In a sudden turn of events, a sedan, bearing Delaware license plates, collided with an SUV parked at the intersection across from the campaign headquarters.

At the time of the collision, the first lady had already entered her vehicle, while the president remained outside. Swiftly responding to the situation, Secret Service agents escorted President Biden into his car and approached the damaged vehicle within the motorcade.

Shortly thereafter, the presidential motorcade departed, and by approximately 8:20 p.m., President Biden and the first lady safely returned to their Wilmington residence. A bystander, passing by at the time of the crash, audibly expressed astonishment, exclaiming, “oh my gosh.” Fortunately, neither the president nor the first lady suffered any injuries during the incident.