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Trump And Biden Banned From Running In 2024?

Here’s what happened…

In a surprising turn of events, the Washington Post who is fearful of former President Donald Trump once again winning re-election in 2024, is now calling for a constitutional amendment that would put an age limit on who can be president.

According to Fox News, the Washington Post’s Charles Lane argued that other than making sure America’s next leader is at full mental capacity, this new amendment would make it easier to block Trump from office than using the January 6 hearings to do so.

Lane also said that putting an age limit on the presidency would make it easier to keep Trump out of office than using the 25th Amendment in the future.

Lane warned Democrats that a Trump-Biden rematch was “possibly the likeliest” scenario to happen looking at the current state of affairs.

Lane then wrote, “If only the Constitution had the following proviso: ‘No person who has attained the age of 75 years shall be eligible for election to the Office of President.’”

“That would bar second-term bids by both Biden, 79, and Trump, 76, forcing the country to pass the torch to a new generation, or at least someone born after the 1940s,” he added.

Wow! Looks like the Democrats and liberals are thinking far into future to try and stop Trump by any means necessary. Even if that means kicking President Biden to the curb as well. These people have no loyalty.