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Pence Sabotages Trump’s 2024 Run


Pence is out to get Trump.

In a new low blow to former President Donald Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence attempted to destroy his 2024 presidential run by saying that Trump lacked the “civility and respect” it takes to be a leader.

According to The Hill, Pence who is also trying to run for the presidency in 2024 told Fox that Americans have asked him to run because only he can deliver the policies of the Trump administration while also delivering “leadership that could unite the country around our highest ideals.” 

Pence stated, “I’m out of politics now. And once you — once you get out of politics, and we moved back to Indiana is, you realize, the American people actually get along pretty well most days and it’s our politics that’s deeply divided.”


Pence then said Americans want a “new style of leadership” that reflects what everyday people want.

As you know, Trump recently announced his 2024 run and filed the necessary paperwork to do so. Democrats and Republican traitors like Liz Cheney were already working hard to destroy Trump but now they will work even harder.

In the meantime, Pence has continued to bash Trump and has even said that there are “better choices” to pick from besides Trump and Biden.