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Judge Roberts Turning Liberal


Are our Supreme Court Judges cracking under liberal pressure?

It appears that the New York Times now believes that Justice Samuel Alito’s relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts has dwindled over the years and people are beginning to notice.

It’s important to remember that Justice Samuel Alito is the judge who authored the document which was leaked to Politico which is aiming to overturn Roe v. Wade.

According to the New York Times, Chief Justice John Roberts and Alito initially began as two judges who would vote on many topics indistinguishable.


Harvard law professor Richard J. Lazarus explained, “For their first decade on the court together, the chief clearly generally viewed Justice Alito as a colleague upon whom he could rely to craft the kind of narrowly reasoned opinions for the court necessary to maintain a bare five-justice majority. And the chief rewarded Alito with prime opinion assignments in some of the court’s biggest cases, notwithstanding Alito’s formal status as a junior justice.”

However the New York Times is now claiming that their relationship has changed after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Amy Coney Barrett replacing her.

Lazarus explained, “Justice Alito now appears to have concluded he no longer needs the chief to receive coveted opinion assignments. And, buoyed by a five-justice conservative majority to the right of the chief, Justice Alito has apparently concluded, as underscored by his first draft opinion in the Mississippi abortion case, that he can now swing for the fences using the broadest language possible.”

Could the New York Times be right? Is Justice Alito growing more far-right or is Chief Justice John Roberts slowly becoming more liberals with conservatives currently holding the majority in the Supreme Court? We will see soon enough.