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Pelosi Wants To Replace Biden


Is Pelosi sick of Biden?

It has now been revealed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s relationship with President Biden has continued to become more strained as America continues to crumble under Biden’s leadership.

Furthermore according to SFGate, New York Times political correspondents Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns have explained in their upcoming book that Pelosi is becoming “increasingly open” about airing her frustrations with Biden because he is a bad leader.


Pelosi was specifically very upset with Biden over two major issues: the Build Back Better spending bill and voting rights legislation. Pelosi had reportedly grown very upset with her inability to bring together progressive and centrist Democrats because she felt they “exasperated the White House” partly because of Biden.

Martin and Burns wrote, “Pelosi’s grievances with the White House had deepened, too, and at the start of 2022 she was increasingly open about her frustrations with Biden. By then, the House had approved Build Back Better and voting rights legislation. The Senate had done neither and the Speaker was openly doubtful of whether Biden had a strategy to change that. In January 2022, Pelosi startled the White House by twice criticizing Biden for his public remarks on voting rights and the legislative strategy for Build Back Better, in both cases chiding the president for rhetoric she saw as ineffective.”