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Biden In Much Worse Shape Than Expected


We need a real president.

President Joe Biden relied on cue cards during his tea and meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak before the NATO summit in Lithuania. This move was seen as an attempt to strengthen ties with the UK and dispel any perceived anti-British sentiment.

According to Newsmax, Biden expressed optimism about the progress they were making, emphasizing the solidity of the relationship between the two countries. A close-up photograph captured a handwritten card used by Biden during the meeting, which had “NATO” written at the top and five numbered topics, including references to “F-16” and “Turkey.”


This isn’t the first time Biden has been seen using such cheat sheets. In April, a photojournalist captured a note card with a headshot of Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian and her question for the president during a news conference. Although the Times denied submitting the question in advance, it closely matched the one asked by the reporter.

Furthermore, in June 2022, Biden was photographed with a card providing detailed instructions on how to handle a White House meeting. The card instructed him on where to go, where to sit, and what actions to take, which he inadvertently revealed to the camera.

Critics of Biden have used his reliance on cue cards as evidence to question his competence in the role of president. Former President Donald Trump’s advisor, Stephen Miller, even called for emergency hearings on the 25th Amendment to address this issue.