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VIDEO: Fox Defends Melania Trump’s ‘Replacement’


This is getting pretty crazy.

Casey DeSantis, the wife of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and a prominent figure in his 2024 GOP presidential campaign, has faced recent mockery from critics. Fox News hosts came to her defense on Monday, addressing the trend.

According to Newsweek, Casey DeSantis has been actively involved in her husband’s campaign, highlighted on the official campaign website with her own page that outlines her background and initiatives as the first lady of Florida. Many have praised her charisma, noting that she has been a more engaging presence than her husband, who has been criticized for his social skills.

Similar to her husband’s controversial political pursuits, which include anti-LGBTQ+ and “culture war” stances, Casey DeSantis has also encountered backlash and mocking from detractors. Some have even compared her to former first ladies like Melania Trump, giving her nicknames like “Walmart Melania.”


Former GOP Representative David Jolly mentioned the nickname “America’s Karen” when discussing Casey DeSantis during an appearance on MSNBC. Jolly acknowledged her charisma but suggested that she primarily amplifies her husband’s messaging, which he deemed to be flawed.

The hosts of Fox News’ Fox & Friends defended Casey DeSantis against the mockery, specifically addressing Jolly’s comments. One host disregarded the “Walmart Melania” nickname, expressing admiration for both Walmart and Melania Trump. Another host dismissed the comparison to Jackie Kennedy, considering it a compliment.

The Fox News hosts praised Casey DeSantis for advocating for moms and parents and commended her eloquence when speaking publicly. They emphasized her focus and her ability to deliver messages effectively.

Some conservatives have accused Fox News of favoring Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump, who remains more popular in early polls. However, the network’s hosts defended Casey DeSantis without showing favoritism, addressing the recent criticism directed at her.