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Lindsey Graham Issues Terrifying Warning


Here’s what Graham has to say…

Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina emphasized the critical need for supporting Ukraine, cautioning that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions won’t halt even if he achieves victory in the conflict with Kyiv.

Graham highlighted the broader implications, stating, “If you give Putin Ukraine, he will not stop.” He stressed that relinquishing Ukraine isn’t solely about containing NATO; it could embolden China concerning Taiwan, as they closely observe global responses.

In a discussion on “Fox News Sunday,” Graham, a staunch advocate for Ukraine, tied the urgency of support to the Senate’s consideration of a two-year extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrantless surveillance program. This legislation extends the government’s authority to monitor foreign individuals abroad, a move criticized by privacy advocates due to its incidental collection of Americans’ communications.


Graham defended the surveillance program, asserting, “I want to know what they’re talking about over there before they kill us here.” He emphasized the importance of intercepting foreign communications to prevent potential threats, framing it as a matter of national security.

His remarks coincided with the House’s passage of a substantial foreign aid package after prolonged debate and disagreement among legislators. This package allocates significant funds, including $61 billion for Ukraine, $26 billion for Israel, and $8 billion for Indo-Pacific allies, alongside various national security provisions such as a potential TikTok ban.

As the package heads to the Senate for approval, Graham underscored Ukraine’s resilience with assistance, noting the significant damage inflicted on Russian forces by the Ukrainian military. He rejected the notion that supporting Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan simultaneously is unfeasible, emphasizing the importance of standing with allies against common threats.

In Graham’s view, abandoning Ukraine would not enhance global security but instead jeopardize it, potentially emboldening aggressors elsewhere. He advocated for robust support for Ukraine and simultaneous solidarity with other allies facing similar challenges.