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Biden Accidentally Compromises U.S. National Security


Biden can’t even keep critical U.S. secrets anymore!

On Monday morning, retired Air Force Brig. General Blaine Holt expressed his disagreement with President Joe Biden’s statement regarding the scarcity of ammunition in the United States, during an interview with Newsmax.

During a recent CNN interview aired on Sunday, President Joe Biden mentioned that cluster munitions were being dispatched to Ukraine as a temporary measure while the United States ramps up its production of 155 mm artillery. Biden acknowledged the current shortage, stating that the country is experiencing a limited supply of this particular ammunition.

Retired Air Force Brig. General Blaine Holt, while appearing on “Wake Up America,” expressed his concern over President Joe Biden’s statement about the ammunition shortage, stating that it was not accurate. According to Holt, it is crucial to reassure the American public that the country’s wartime stocks of ammunition are intact and available.


Holt emphasized the importance of congressional scrutiny in response to President Joe Biden’s statement. Holt pointed out that such an admission should not be made publicly, especially in front of adversaries who may exploit this information. With multiple global adversaries observing the situation, Holt suggested that the extent of the country’s wartime stocks should be treated as sensitive information that is not openly disclosed.

Holt further highlighted that the subject of cluster bombs, which comprise numerous explosive submunitions, is a delicate and sensitive matter, particularly in Europe. The use and discussion surrounding cluster bombs often evoke strong reactions and concerns within European countries.

During his conversation with co-hosts Rob Finnerty and Alison Maloni, Holt emphasized that numerous NATO member states hold strong opposition to the use of cluster bombs. He stated that the topic of cluster bombs has been a sensitive issue in Europe for several decades, reflecting the significant concerns and objections expressed by many European countries regarding the use and impact of these munitions.