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Trump Faces His Biggest Challenge


Will Trump be able to overcome this major hurdle?

In the upcoming New Hampshire primary, a recent poll by American Research Group Inc. reveals a neck-and-neck race between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. The survey, released on Tuesday, indicates that both the former president and Haley have secured the support of 40 percent among Republican voters in the state.

A comparison of the current results with those from December shows a significant uptick in popularity for both candidates. Trump’s support has risen from 33 percent to the current 40%, while Nikki Haley has seen a parallel increase from 29 percent to the same percentage. This dynamic shift underscores the intense competition unfolding as the primary race progresses.

It’s noteworthy that Ron DeSantis, who claimed second place in Iowa’s caucuses, lags behind with only 4 percent support with New Hampshire conservatives in the newest poll. In Iowa, Trump emerged as the undisputed winner with 51 percent of the vote, followed by DeSantis at 21 percent and Haley at 19 percent.


Despite the fierce competition, Haley argues that the New Hampshire primary, scheduled for January 23, essentially boils down to a one-on-one battle between her and the former president. Her recent gains in Granite State polls, coupled with the endorsement of Gov. Chris Sununu (R-N.H.), add momentum to her campaign.

Observers acknowledge that Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations under the Trump administration, stands a chance of delivering a robust performance in New Hampshire. However, there’s speculation that if Trump secures victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the path for any rival to clinch the nomination becomes significantly challenging.

The poll by American Research Group Inc. was conducted from January 12-15, surveying more than 500 Republican voters in N.H., including both Republicans and undeclared voters. The reported margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.