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Kamala Terrified Of Trump


Kamala should be more worried about what her next job is going to be after the 2024 election.

On Wednesday, Vice President Harris expressed her apprehension about the potential return of former President Trump to the White House in November, stating that this fear is the driving force behind her nationwide campaign efforts. Speaking on ABC’s “The View,” Harris responded to concerns voiced by prominent Democrats, including former first lady Michelle Obama, who shared her own anxieties about the upcoming 2024 elections.

Acknowledging the age-old adage that there are only two ways to run for office – either unopposed or with a sense of fear – Harris affirmed that, on both fronts, there is a legitimate cause for concern. Emphasizing her recent travels to states such as North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Nevada, Harris underscored the challenge facing the Biden-Harris campaign in effectively communicating their accomplishments to voters.


Rather than shying away from fear, Harris advocated for a proactive approach, stating that when individuals are fearful for the future, they must confront challenges rather than retreat. She highlighted the need for the administration to earn reelection by being on the road and effectively conveying the positive changes they have implemented.

The economic message of President Biden has faced challenges in resonating with voters, with polls indicating a lack of credit for the improving economy. Furthermore, Biden’s approval ratings have been less than favorable, with only 33 percent of Americans approving of his job performance, according to a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll.

Former President Obama has reportedly voiced concerns about the campaign’s structure, and David Axelrod, Obama’s senior adviser, emphasized the formidable nature of Trump as a candidate. Poll aggregations from Decision Desk HQ and The Hill indicate a hypothetical 1-percentage-point lead for Trump over Biden in a head-to-head contest. As the campaign gears up, there is a recognized imperative for the Biden-Harris team to address these challenges and effectively communicate their achievements to the American public.