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Liz Cheney Leads Republican Revolt Against Trump


Cheney made it her life’s mission to destroy Trump and it’s pathetic.

Republicans who have distanced themselves from Trump face a critical juncture as their adversary gains momentum in the race for the presidential nomination. Jennifer Rubin, a columnist for The Washington Post, suggests that former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) could play a pivotal role in this evolving scenario. Cheney, the former House Republican Conference chair and vocal Trump critic, has been integral to the House January 6 Committee’s work.

While alternative candidates to Trump, such as former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, are still in contention, the inevitability of Trump as the nominee looms. Rubin notes that Cheney, recognized as a prominent voice of reason within the conservative spectrum, is reluctant to endorse President Joe Biden at this point. However, she is also cautious not to undermine the chances of other challengers to Trump in the primaries.


Cheney has actively resisted attempts by other Trump-skeptical Republicans to rationalize falling in line with the former president. Dismissing claims that Biden poses a greater risk than Trump, Cheney emphasized the importance of preserving the Constitution. Rubin suggests that sitting out the race or voting third party is insufficient, drawing parallels with historical strongmen like Mussolini, Franco, or Bolsonaro.

The columnist contends that only a broad coalition, spanning from the center-right to the left, can defend democracy against a Trump nomination. Rubin envisions that defeating Trump utterly is a prerequisite for reformist conservatives like Cheney to contemplate a new vision for conservatism in America. She speculates about the prospect of a new party that embraces diversity on issues, fostering policy innovation and debate.

In conclusion, Rubin underscores Cheney’s assertion that a large, ideologically diverse pro-democracy alliance is essential to ensure the survival of a democratic system. Cheney’s potential role, according to Rubin, is to convey the urgency of this effort to her fellow citizens, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.