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VIDEO: Biden Laughs At Document Scandal


This is downright sinister.

During a recent bilateral meeting which was held with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the Oval Office, President Biden did something that has shocked the American people.

According to Reuters, the Dutch Prime Minister spoke to President Biden about a number of issues including the war in Ukraine, chip-making technology and issues with China.

However controversy came at the end of the meeting when President Biden was expected to take questions from reporters.

All anyone wanted to ask President Biden about was his massive classified documents scandal which has risked National Security. Biden refused to answer any questions and reporters resorted to shouting questions.


What’s insane about all of this is that President Biden simply sat in the Oval Office as reporters shouted questions and he simply laughed at them.

The video has since gone viral and Americans are furious.


President Biden is taunting the American people. Him laughing shows the world that not only is he not concerned about this massive classified documents scandal, he does not even care.