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Trump Defeats DeSantis


This was unexpected.

Former President Donald Trump is taking a victory lap after he beat out his likely 2024 presidential rival Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to Newsweek, Trump celebrated after the Florida Republican Party decided to elect Christian Ziegler who has close ties to Trump as their new chair.

Trump’s close ally Ziegler defeated DeSantis ally and Leon County GOP leader Evan Power in a 126 to 100 vote. Politico reported this win as bad news for Governor DeSantis who thought he had more influence in his own state than Donald Trump.


After Ziegler won, Trump took to Truth Social and wrote, “We won a big Chairmanship in Florida over the DeSantis Reps, but actually, it’s a win for ALL. That’s the way we want it. Christian will be a great Chairman!”

While this was a small victory for Ziegler himself, it was in fact a much larger victory for Donald Trump. Trump and DeSantis have been butting heads ever since it was rumored that DeSantis was going to run for the 2024 presidency.

Florida has become the unofficial headquarters for the Republican Party since two of the most popular Republicans Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis both reside in the red state. DeSantis won big in the 2022 midterms for the Republican Party and he strongly believed that he could win against Trump in this election between Ziegler and Power.