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Pelosi Threatens To CANCEL Thanksgiving

Pelosi is drunk with power!

In an attempt to strong arm Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now threatening lawmakers by canceling the Thanksgiving holiday recess and forcing them to stay in Congress until they pass President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Pelosi told lawmakers not to plan on flying back home this Thanksgiving unless Biden’s $1.75 trillion bill is passed.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told lawmakers the vote for the Build Back Better plan could happen on Thursday.

Fox asked former Congressman Sean Duffy if Pelosi is just bluffing and Duffy believes that while the threat is valid, politicians will feel forced by other including their own family members to reach a deal so they can make it home in time for the holiday. Duffy also noted that a drastic threat like this by Pelosi could result in her losing her Speakership role if she follows through with it.

Duffy also warned that, unlike Biden has promised, this will cost the American taxpayer a massive sum and Congress should be very careful with how they handle this vote for massive government spending.