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Democrats To Ban Handguns


Here’s what they are saying…

Recently on C-SPAN, Democrat Rep. Sylvia Garcia attempted to start a movement to ban handguns altogether.

Garcia claimed that handgun aren’t used for hunting or protection but rather they are simply for “killing” others.


In transcript provided by Breitbart, after Garcia was asked about a potential assault weapons ban, she responded, “Many people that I’ve talked to, even in Texas, which is — people consider a very pro-gun state, people are tired. I grew up in the country. I know how to shoot a rifle. I know how to shoot a shotgun, a .410. I own a .410. I keep it in my house in case I ever have an intruder and my alarm system doesn’t work.”

Garcia then said, “But it’s kept safely. It’s only for that purpose. Handguns, in my view, are not for hunting. They’re not for protection. I think handguns are, frankly, for killing people. We need to do something about making sure that bad guys don’t get their hands on handguns. And we need to make sure that these assault and automatic weapons don’t get in the hands of bad guys, and sometimes, bad women. Because, again, I’ve been rabbit hunting. I’ve been quail hunting. I’ve been deer hunting.”

Adding, “You don’t take an automatic weapon to hunt. That’s just meant to shoot someone and many people very quickly. So, we need to do something about it. And I certainly support a ban and I think we need to do it. Because people want action. When we were on the floor and we stood up for a moment of silence for all the victims of Buffalo, one of my colleagues said, okay, but now what are we going to do? It’s time to do something. I’m glad the president is putting that on the table. And I think we all need to rally around it and I think the public needs to show that this is something they demand and demand now.”