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Psaki Drops Bombshell On Democrats


They weren’t expecting this one.

Former¬†White House¬†press secretary Jen Psaki dropped a bombshell on Democrats and reminded them their “fate” in the upcoming midterms relies heavily on President Biden’s poll numbers.

According to the Washington Examiner, Psaki further explained that while it’s not necessary for Democrats to agree on everything, they should be proud of everything the Democrats have achieved so far under Biden.

Our question is, what exactly have the Democrats achieved since Biden came into office? We don’t see it.


Psaki explained, “In politics, it is never good when the person who is at the head of your party is not in … good poll numbers. So, people should think about how to support that and advocate for the agenda and the policies that that person is advocating for.”

Adding, “Remember that sometimes, your fate is going to go with where his poll numbers are.

Psaki’s strange comment came at a University of Chicago Institute of Politics event.