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Biden Challenges Trump


Has Joe Biden lost his mind?

As the United States suffers from a number of political and economic problems, President Biden has decided to target none other than former President Donald Trump and says that he can beat him in 2024 if Trump runs again.

According to The Hill, Biden’s comments came during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper where he said he would consider pursuing a second term after the midterm elections.

During the interview CNN’s Jake Tapper asked President Biden, “Is one of the calculations that you think you’re the only one who can beat Donald Trump?” 


President Biden responded by saying, “I believe I can beat Donald Trump again.”

This isn’t the first time that Biden has taunted Trump about a 2024 rematch. In March Biden told reporters that he would be “very fortunate” to take Trump on again in 2024 if he got the chance too.

Biden is absolutely out of his mind if he thinks he can defeat Donald Trump in 2024. Inflation has run rampant under Biden. Gas prices have hit astronomical levels and he has put the United States at the brink of world war 3.

If Biden thinks he can defeat Trump again in 2024 he is absolutely out of his mind and the Republican party welcomes a challenge.