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Biden Prepares To Drop Out Of 2024 Race?

Here’s whats really going on…

According to a biographer who has written about President Biden’s first two years in office, it would come as a surprise, though not a complete shock, if the president decides to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race by the end of this year. Franklin Foer, the author of the upcoming book on Biden’s early presidency, made these remarks during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.”

According to The Hill, when asked about his level of surprise if Biden chose not to seek a second term, Foer responded that it would be unexpected but not entirely unforeseen. He pointed to Biden’s frequent use of the word “fate” when discussing his life, which carries religious connotations. Foer noted that Biden often mentions not being able to determine where fate will lead him, suggesting ambiguity about his future.

It’s worth noting that President Biden officially announced his reelection campaign earlier this year and has not given any indications of considering an exit from the race. Nevertheless, questions about his age, given that he is 80 years old, have been raised both within and outside his party as the 2024 election approaches.

Foer’s book, titled “The Last Politician,” explores how Biden leveraged being underestimated to his advantage and delves into his career in policymaking, shedding light on the strategies he employs to accomplish his goals. While acknowledging Biden’s age, Foer emphasizes that his book underscores Biden’s detailed-oriented approach, his technocratic mindset, and his hands-on management style within the White House. Foer describes Biden as an activist president deeply involved in the intricacies of policy and decision-making.