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Trump’s Dream Crushed


Did the Republican base betray Trump?

It appears that after former President Donald Trump dedicated a lot of time and effort into unseating Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and replace him with Republican David Perdue, his hard work has not paid off.

According to Fox News, Governor Kemp was able to fend off Trump and Perdue and was able to get re-elected for the second term.

Kemp surprisingly won the against former Senator David Perdue by a massive landslide and now Kemp will once again face what could be his toughest opponent Democrat Stacey Abrams who he narrowly defeated four years ago.


After defeating Perdue, Kemp said in a speech, “Georgia Republicans went to the ballot box and overwhelmingly endorsed four more years of our vision for this great state.”

Nonetheless, even though Trump may have lost to Kemp most of Trump’s endorsed candidates won massively against their competitors which has proven that most of the Republican Party still stands in solidarity with Trump.

In March, Trump traveled to Georgia and condemned Kemp by saying, “We have a governor that’s done the worst job of any governor in probably decades. Kemp is truly an embarrassment to the Republican Party because of what’s taken place in your great state, Georgia.”