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VIDEO: Pelosi’s Son Caught Doing What?


Very shady business.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently shocked the world when she announced her plans to travel to Taiwan even after China issued warnings for her not to.

While Pelosi was applauded for her decision to not submit to China and went to Taiwan anyway, some very interesting developments have unfolded which may explain why she went in the first place.

According to Fox, reporters aggressively asked Pelosi why she took her son with her to Taiwan. Pelosi defended the decision to bring her son, Paul Pelosi Jr., and simply said that his job was to be her escort.


“His role was to be my escort,” Pelosi explained. “Usually, we [invite] spouses, not all could come, but I was proud he was there.”

However, many people believe that Pelosi went to Taiwan with her son so he could make new business deals and Pelosi aggressively denied that accusations.

One reporter asked Pelosi, “He didn’t have any business dealings?”

“No, he did not, of course he did not,” Pelosi responded.