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VIDEO: Trump Catches FBI Red-Handed

Here’s what we know…

Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home was ransacked by FBI agents which who likely ordered by Democrats to do so.

The federal agents spent hours looking through Trump’s home and sifting through his personal belongs along with the personal belongings of his wife former First Lady Melania Trump.

The agents didn’t allow anyone, including Trump’s lawyers,a to watch as they searching every inch of his home and they also demanded for Trump’s security cameras to be turned off.

Now, Fox’s Sean Hannity has dropped a bombshell on the American people.

Hannity explained on Fox that even though the FBI ordered Trump’s private security cameras to be turned off, they were not and much of the raid was recorded.

In transcript provided by Fox, Hannity said, “According to my sources tonight, on Monday morning up to 40 FBI agents rolled up to Mar-a-Lago unannounced, guns ablaze, in about a dozen vehicles including a large moving truck. Over the course of the next several hours the agents went room by room scouring the property, boxing up every document they have in sight. They even rifled through Melania’s wardrobe. Agents also demanded the Mar-a-Lago staff turn off all security cameras. Well, we can tell you tonight those security cameras kept rolling. They were not shut off.