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Trump Framed By Obama


Trump gets blamed for everything, doesn’t he?

A defendant involved in the events of January 6, who was apprehended near former President Barack Obama’s residence in Washington, D.C., has been accused by federal prosecutors of threatening to detonate a van at a government facility and attempting to intimidate a congressman. The individual, Taylor Taranto, a 37-year-old resident of Washington state, was sought for his alleged participation in the January 6 riot and was taken into custody by Secret Service agents on June 29 in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C., as stated in court documents.

According to prosecutors, Taranto’s arrest followed a live-streamed video on his public YouTube channel, where he claimed to possess a detonator and made threats to blow up his “self-driving” vehicle at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The court documents highlight various statements made by Taranto, expressing his intention to detonate the vehicle at NIST and emphasizing that the vehicle’s self-driving capability would allow him to distance himself from the explosion.

According to Fox, During the court hearing, federal prosecutors informed Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui of their plans to bring forth “additional felony charges” against Taranto in the near future. While the defense requested immediate release, Judge Faruqui denied the request but left open the possibility of Taranto being placed under home detention in Washington state until the trial.


The FBI had been monitoring Taranto’s online activities due to his involvement in the U.S. Capitol events on January 6, according to authorities. On the day of his arrest, a federal judge issued a warrant for Taranto’s alleged actions on January 6. During the live-streamed video from his van, Taranto made concerning statements while walking in the Obamas’ neighborhood, indicating his search for entrance points to private residences, claiming control of the area, and expressing his desire to find tunnels beneath the houses. Prosecutors noted that Taranto had reposted Obama’s supposed address, which had been shared by former President Donald Trump on his Truth Social platform that same day.

Taranto also used the Telegram messaging app to write threatening messages, mentioning John Podesta alongside Obama and referring to their residences while stating, “We got these losers surrounded! See you in hell, Podesta’s and Obama’s.” Podesta, who served as White House Chief of Staff during the Bill Clinton administration and as a counselor to Obama, was targeted by Taranto, who expressed an intention to secure an interview with him.

Court documents indicate that Taranto’s narration during the live-stream made it evident that he aimed to access or enter the private residences of his targets. He pointed out sewer grates as entrance points to reach them. Taranto’s arrest occurred following a brief pursuit by the Secret Service, with an FBI bomb squad and a K9 unit from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department dispatched to the scene. Gunpowder was detected in Taranto’s van, and investigators discovered two firearms and hundreds of rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition inside.

In the days leading up to his arrest, Taranto conducted another live-streamed video, this time at an elementary school in Takoma Park, Maryland, where he and several others used a projector to display a film related to the events of January 6. During the live-stream, Taranto answered questions from his online audience and stated that he had chosen the elementary school due to its proximity to Congressman Jamie Raskin’s residence. Taranto expressed his intention to target Raskin, claiming that Raskin despised January 6 participants, particularly Trump supporters, and his actions were meant to provoke a reaction from the congressman. Prosecutors cited Taranto’s statements from the live-stream as evidence.