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Biden DOJ Tries To Bury Trump


When will the witch hunt end?

According to a spokesperson for the Arizona secretary of state’s office, Special counsel Jack Smith has issued subpoenas as part of his investigation into former President Trump’s actions leading up to the Capitol insurrection. These subpoenas are related to Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Arizona.

According to Axios, despite President Biden winning the state by approximately 10,000 votes, the Trump campaign and its Republican allies pursued numerous lawsuits alleging voting errors and fraud, most of which were rejected or abandoned.


A recent report by The Washington Post revealed that in late 2020, Trump tried to pressure then-Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to overturn the state’s election results by finding fraudulent votes. Trump also allegedly asked Vice President Mike Pence to convince Governor Ducey to support his baseless claims of voter fraud.

The spokesperson, Paul Smith-Leonard, stated that the Arizona secretary of state’s office received two subpoenas from Special counsel Jack Smith, one during the current administration and another when Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs held the office. The office complied with the recent subpoena through its external legal representation, the law firm Coppersmith Brockelman. The subpoenas were issued to gather information about the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and former Arizona Republican Party chair challenging the state’s election results.

Additional Arizona officials have reported facing pressure from the Trump campaign and its legal team to undermine the election. Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers testified to congressional investigators last year, revealing that Trump and his allies, including Rudy Giuliani, attempted to persuade him to invalidate Arizona’s electoral votes for Biden and replace them with Trump electors.